I am a channel for the goddess

I am a channel for the goddess. I feel my hands being moved by her. I feel my words being spoken by her. I feel my body surrendered to her. Snakelike trembles. Wavelike ripples. My heart opening. Screaming.Yearning. To melt. To be one. The sweetest pain Of not melting Yet With my beloved. The sweetestContinue reading “I am a channel for the goddess”

You’re never gonna be “just happy”

And I mean that in „only happy and nothing else“ no exhaustion, no anger, no frustration, no sadness It’s simply not the reality of life You’re here to live this human experience I see this a lot in successful women They fought their way to getting everything they desired By being hard By being perfectContinue reading “You’re never gonna be “just happy””

Pleasure as medicine

Yesterday I made a much needed decision. Next year as well as these last few days of the year are dedicated to pleasure, to enjoyment, to goodness. That’s the crux: it’s a conscious choice that needs to be made. You can wait and wait and wait for it to happen. But as long as weContinue reading “Pleasure as medicine”

What coaching looks like with me

Imagine you and I on a video call. I invite you to close your eyes, relax, breathe, drop into your body. We start the session feeling deeply connected to our bodies. Present. I ask you to share your celebrations with me: What’s been lighting you up, what are you proud of, what have you achieved?Continue reading “What coaching looks like with me”