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“Juli’s work takes you deep, deep into your mind and body. It’s as if I was living tied up, constrained and now suddenly I can breathe again, I am free, I am alive. Something fell away – I feel like myself. I am so grateful! This coaching is life-changing!”

Janina S. – Therapist

What other women say about working with me

“My biggest takeaways from Juli’s coaching are that I got to know and understand myself much better. Over and over again, I have been able to explore new ways to finally come into my power in different situations. She has led me to finally recognize and break through many old patterns that have made my life difficult for ages. Since my coaching sessions with Juli, my relationship life has changed completely for the better. Before I was constantly desperate and totally stuck in co-dependency, while in my current relationship I can really stand for myself and my needs, my truth. I’m no longer trying to be someone I’m not really, just to please. Through Juli’s coaching I finally manage to stand up for myself and appreciate my own value more!

What I especially liked about Juli’s way of coaching is her incredibly empathetic way and that she always knows exactly what you need right now to explore the situation further, to gain insights to solve the issue. She allows to spontaneously explore what is coming up at the time of the coaching. She uses various techniques from breathwork, meditation, embodiment etc. And all of this in such a loving and safe way.
For example, I was never aware that I totally reject my inner masculine and through Juli’s coaching I have been able to accept and integrate it.

What sets Juli’s coaching apart from others and why I recommend it is that you feel safe and in good hands. She creates an incredibly safe framework that allows you to look at your biggest fears and darkest feelings without being overwhelmed by them. There is something very protective and caring about her presence and energy during coaching that allows me to drop my mask and just say and feel what is really true now without having to live up to any expectations. Sessions with Juli are simply REAL! They go deep and don’t just scratch the surface like some other coaching sessions I’ve tried. Juli definitely knows her sh**t! Much love!”

Julia G. – Aerial Yoga Teacher, Paragliding Guide

‘Search no further if you are ready for a profound transformation and looking for a unique and powerful transmission. I did 10 sessions with Juli and was invited to meet, heal and accept all parts of myself in a safe and deeply loving container she created.  Her presence and fine attunement to every move of your soul creates a space of trust, openness and vulnerability. Juli is taking you very deep. To the places you would never dare to go by yourself. And you come out from them feeling empowered. She is holding your hand all the way through with so much love and care. Loving presence is her super power as well as a true gift for coaching. I learnt so much about myself and I felt truly seen, acknowledged and understood. Mantras, rituals and practices from our sessions became part of my daily routine and a useful survival kit in moments of self-doubt or hardship.’

Olesya K., – Coach

“Juli really has a gift to create spaces where we as women can really show up – with all that we are, with all our vulnerability, fears as well as our love, power, courage and wisdom. She shared her gifts of encouragement and presence and therefore, it felt like I could finally open up deeply, what allowed the bonding to arise between all of us as women. I practiced the exercises after the sessions at home too and still continue to do so, as these were selected wonderfully and combined body work, psychology, neuroscience and sexuality. I just can say, working with Juli is super powerful and the combination of her wisdom and knowledge with her compassionate, pleasurable and loving way of being is truly inspiring. Thank you so much for your light and your courage to empower and bring women home into their wonderful essence!”

– Anna E., Social Worker

“In 1:1 sessions as well as in a group coaching program Juli guided me to become more intimate with myself, my femininity and my emotions. She has a way of guiding you deep without ever pushing you. I actually learned to truly feel and honor my boundaries and became so much more gentle with myself.I now know much more deeply what my body is trying to tell me and I honor it. And I learned that I can trust my voice and use it!! The coaching experience with Juli is truly close and intimate, honest, raw and loving. Juli was able to create a space for sisterhood which was so healing to experience and she made us each feel held and seen. I would always return and recommend her. This was such a gift. Thank you!”

– Aileen R., Photographer

“For many years I was suffering from too high standards that I put on myself, shame and fear of never being enough (not pretty, not perfect enough) and the accompanying low self esteem and lows in my mood. Through Juli and the amazing group of like-hearted women I was able to find strength, inspiration and courage to accept myself more and more as I am. She helped me see that I have and am already all I need to be the radiant, powerful and sensitive woman I have always desired to be. All I had to do for that was to breathe out loud. Thank you from the depth of my heart!”

– Angelika B., Psychotherapist

Since I only let myself be accompanied by selected coaches, I was correspondingly cautious about coaching with Juli. As it turned out, completely unfounded.

Juli’s charisma and aura immediately made me feel at ease. I relaxed more and more in her presence, which is benevolent, open and empathic. Since I work a lot with the inner child and have dialogues with the inner children with my clients, I was appropriately trained on this topic in the accompaniment with Juli. We dove deep into it and I was allowed to look at my own blind spots to my inner child. Many tears of healing and cleansing were flowing, as it was all about vision work, to accept my inner little girl. 1.5 hours of deep healing, transformational coaching and work. Juli took notes during the coaching and as I experienced loving healing in my processes, she put it all in writing. I was sent the script afterwards, which also touched me deeply in retrospect. A script of remembrance and empowerment all in one. Juli has been completely present despite taking notes to hold the space for my processes. The quality of holding space in this intensity is for me a great mark of quality and a sign that one’s own life force is lived consciously. With it also the own sexual power. Because life force and sexual force are one and the same for me. It felt like a protected sisterly sacred space in which we moved in the coaching. I felt at all times that everything was allowed to be and Juli always met me with unconditional empathy to everything I expressed. The authenticity of Juli’s guidance deserves my utmost respect as a colleague as well, and so I hereby heartily recommend Juli’s guidance to others. Many heartfelt thanks for this soul-family-felt coaching to accompany one of my life themes, the connection between primordial femininity and primordial masculinity in the mission, vision & co-creation.

Lidia S. – Emotion midwife, Logotherapist, Non-medical Practitioner for Psychotherapy, Integral Coach(ess)

“My biggest takeaway from Juli’s coaching is that I can celebrate myself every day, as silly as I may find the day at first. And most importantly, that I dare to trust again, and that I have more passion in me than I had previously suspected. What I particularly like about Juli’s way of coaching is Juli’s warm and compassionate way of being. I felt in good hands with Juli and was not afraid to show up and express myself in various emotional states. I also appreciated Juli’s ability to structure well, and guide me through practices & processes. In addition, the physical awareness exercises felt really good in the beginning, and the references to physical touch that I can easily integrate into my daily life.

My relationship with myself and my femininity has changed positively in that I have realized how multifaceted my femininity is: there is the wild child, the mature woman, the ancestral feminine, the student and the counselor in me, … – and all have their contribution to make up my femininity. I also understand that she (and I) are still evolving, and there will continuously be things to discover.

Juli has supported me in daring to believe more in my dreams, and to listen to my heart.
I can be more gentle with myself, and allow myself to think about and envision my future more boldly! I have since quit my old job and ventured into new directions with some self-employment and finding more suitable part-time employment; I think working with Juli has further empowered me in this. What sets Juli’s coaching apart from others and why I recommend it is that Juli does it! There is a lot of love and authenticity in the space!”

Elisa L. – Social Worker, Systemic Counselor

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