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Soulful & Intimate 1:1 Coaching


This soulful 1:1 coaching is uniquely tailored for you, guiding you home into your soft feminine center, turning on your inner radiance.

As women we are inclined to make it our mission to be there for others first and foremost, especially if you are working in the social sector or in a therapeutic role this can be a trap so many women fall into. Over-giving to the extent that your own well is suddenly empty and you feel burned out. It is also coming from the ways in which we have suppressed our own inner feminine energy which is deeply connected to receiving, flow, feeling, softness. In this intimate and deep coaching program you will learn how to fill your own cup first. I will gently guide you to inquire into deeper beliefs and conditionings, together we shed light on the ways in which you are hard on yourself and infuse it with true embodied self love. You will learn to hear, listen to and genuinely honor your own intuition & female body.

This is a program for perfectionists, for those who have followed the script, for those who put everybody else’s desires and needs above their own – for the woman who desires true change and inner radiance.

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This intimate 1:1 coaching is designed as a journey to source – to become truly intimate with your own feminine essence, learning to embrace and love your unique feminine sexual self. 

A woman who owns her sexuality, owns her power. This has proven so true in my very own experience. As long as I was disconnected and numb to my sexual self I could not access my true power or feel genuinely confident within myself. By embracing my feminine body and my sexual core I learned to not only to unleash my full energy, but I also truly got in touch with my aliveness and pleasure. In this journey you will uncover deep seated limiting beliefs and rewrite a new empowering story about what it means to be a woman in your very own way. You receive tools and initiations into holistic sexuality, learn how to gently release trauma from your system and restore sensitivity in your feminine body. This will not only open you up to a greater orgasmic potential but also to a deeper connection with yourself and an embodied way of self love. Whether you feel completely disconnected and numb or you simply know it in your heart that there’s gotta be more to this mystery of your feminine self – this is for you! Together we will uniquely tailor your personal path of sexual reclamation & awakening. Will you walk through the Pussy Portal with me?

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  • DARING WOMAN MASTERMIND – a 6 month soul journey for women who choose themselves
  • The PUSSY SANCTUARY – a free one day retreat for women
  • The Art of Not Having Your Shit Together – a free webinar for recovering perfectionists
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