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Reclaim your sensual self

As long as I was disconnected and numb to my sexual self I could not access my true power or feel genuinely confident within myself. By embracing my feminine body and my sexual core I learned not only to unleash my full energy, but I also truly got in touch with my aliveness and pleasure.

On this journey you will uncover deep seated limiting beliefs and rewrite a new empowering story about what it means to be a woman in your very own way. You receive tools and initiations into holistic sexuality, learn how to gently release trauma from your system and restore sensitivity in your feminine body. This will not only open you up to a greater orgasmic potential but also to a deeper connection with yourself and an embodied way of self love. Whether you feel completely disconnected and numb or you simply know it in your heart that there’s gotta be more to this mystery of your feminine self – this is for you! Together we will uniquely tailor your personal path of sexual reclamation & awakening. Will you walk through The Portal with me?

This intimate 1:1 coaching program is designed as a JOURNEY TO SOURCE – to become truly intimate with your own feminine essence, learning to embrace and love your unique feminine sexual & sensual self.

A New Sexual Story
Sensual Self Love & Body Love
Pussy Honoring Ritual
Inner Child & De-Conditioning
Family Dynamics
Gentle Trauma Healing
Shame Detox
Orgasmic Reclamation
Surrender & Embodied Feminine Pleasures
Relationship Transformation


Manifestation: How to speak with the Universe
Changing deep seated conditioning into new empowering truths
Affirmations & Journaling


Sensual Play, Pleasure & Massage Practices
Rituals & Initiations
Energy Practices
Emotional Release Tools

Sounds all a bit intense & intimidating?

Dear one, believe me that’s what I would have thought just a few years ago coming out of an 8 year relationship. We had a beautiful time together yet I felt unfulfilled in my sexuality. I barely ever orgasmed from penetration and had about zero connection to self pleasuring (yes, masturbation, yikes). I felt shut down and had no idea why. I always thought that it was supposed to just work, magically. Sex, I mean. I thought my partner should just know what I want – while I had no clue what I liked, what turned me on – and I felt too uncomfortable to actually explore myself. Neither did I have any proper tools or education.

I started sharing with my girlfriends about not really ever having orgasms and the big response was – “well yes, me neither – a lot of women cannot orgasm”. Ever heard that? (spoiler alert: it’s fake news) So I bought into this narrative and kind of gave up on my desire for a deeply fulfilling out of this world sexual experience. It was just not meant for me.

What I didn’t know was that it was all within me.
What I didn’t know was that it is possible for every woman.
What I didn’t know is that there are ways to learn this.
What I didn’t know is that this is THE KEY TO UNLOCK YOUR POWER AS A WOMAN.

It all started with a book about Tantra. With the potent practices and tools that I discovered, it wasn’t long until my whole body was awakening, my energy body, my sexuality, my everything. At the same time I navigated through what I would call collective trauma of the feminine around sexuality. This is something that few of us are aware of, but because of centuries of suppression this can be a huge factor in liberating your own feminine sexual essence.

And it brought me to my knees. In awe and reverence of the beauty of life. Yes, diving into your sexuality, connecting to your feminine essence, doesn’t only help you to have a better sex life, it truly helps you to have a better life. It actually made me feel truly alive for the first time. Truly connected to my power.

And yes, this is all possible for you. Whether you read this and you’re excited or you read it and feel scared and like you want to hide. It is for you. It is for you, it is for you, it is for you!

“What sets Juli’s coaching apart is the way in which she incorporates your body’s own wisdom. I have experienced transformation and even ancestral healing just by truly listening to my body & moving through it in an embodied way. Therapy never took me that deep. Juli has a way of helping you to access what’s already in you. I feel integrated and whole and have never felt so much compassion for myself – because now I actually understand where my patterns are coming from. The thing is – all my bodily symptoms always made sense. I could just never read them. I’m starting to understand what self love truly means.”

– Christine L., social worker

What our journey together looks like

My unique psychology based coaching approach takes you deep. We uncover what stories and narratives are running behind the scenes (aka in your unconscious) that are currently influencing your behavior and life experience. A lot of (unhealthy) patterns around our relationships and sexuality stem from deep-seated conditioning and past experiences. Together we shed light on what those narratives are and rewrite your new empowering sexual story. You will gain a deeper understanding of the why and clarity around how to actively change your life around.

What sets my coaching apart from regular therapy is that mere talking about situations is not the main way of integrating and processing, it is by embodying, by going through your feelings, emotions, sensations and taking into account the wisdom of your body. I will gently guide you into being so intimate, learning how to read your body, with so much compassion and love that this alone is a huge game changer.

We then embark on a journey to your feminine essence, through ritual, initiations and deep dives into your subconscious. This includes Pussy Gazing for a truly loving relationship with your pussy, de-armoring your vulva to regain sensitivity and release trauma from your system, the reclamation of your orgasmic nature, and so much more goodness.

Each 90 min. session consists of an in-depth coaching process and an accompanying embodiment practice such as body & yoni scan, breath work, sex magic, self pleasure and trauma release practices to create lasting transformation in your entire body mind system. Our 30 min. calls are either to deepen the practices, celebrate your successes or answer questions that came up over the week.

There is no nudity during our calls. You feeling safe and comfortable is the most important thing to create a space for transformation. You can always turn your camera off for intimate practices.

„I just saw myself in the mirror accidentally. It felt like really seeing myself for the first time.“

shared during a one day retreat by a woman who did her first feminine embodiment practice ever

You want more details what this includes?

Under individual coaching you will find all the yummy details you need: methodology, duration, what you will get, investment etc.

Embodied Self Love

Learn more about this soulful journey to embodied self love. This is for the female perfectionist who is done being hard on herself and desires a more intimate relationship with herself.

Powerful 1:1 Transformation Session

This offering is designed as a powerful one off session. Through the combination of psychological counseling, somatic embodiment work and a hint of magic we go straight to the core in a deeply transformational process.

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