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Sensual Reclamation & Embodied Self-Love

Explore the different ways of working with me in this deeply healing & trauma-informed space

From “never enough” to “more than enough”

This work is powerful and transformative, gentle and deep.

What it all comes down to is that you understand on an embodied level WHY you are behaving the way you are.

Why you simply don’t feel happy with what you have, even though “you should”.

Why you get emotional/angry/frustrated about your partner when you wouldn’t react the same way with your friends.

Why you feel repressed in the bedroom and cannot seem to cross that line to actual deep pleasure.

Why you seem to attract either just the wrong kind of men/women or no partner into your life.

Why whatever you have achieved never seems to actually fulfill you and make you happy in the long run.

Basically all the WHYs that you have about yourself. We will explore them. On a deep level, a journey to your subconscious with modern methods, in a trauma informed setting.

But merely understanding your WHY is only the first step – and the step that most good therapy can take you to.

What sets this coaching apart is that we don’t simply stop at the mental understanding but go into the embodied feeling of it. To the place in your subconscious where all these beliefs are locked in.

In my experience this is the crucial step to sustainably change the way you feel about yourself, to actively change your behavior – not from a place of “should” but from a place of deep seated understanding that these old behaviors are now outdated. From there I will guide you to consciously choose a new empowered way of being. In which you feel actually safe to allow true love into your life. To speak your truth from a grounded place. To feel deeply connected to your inner feminine wisdom and intuition. To feel so worthy of all the pleasure and goodness. To feel on a cellular level that who and what you are is already more than enough.

And let’s be honest – you are a master of being hard on yourself now. How amazing would it be to become the mistress of self compassion, embodied self love and sensuality?

Individual Coaching

Learn more about my tailor-made therapeutical 1:1 coaching programs – whether you want to dive deep into your feminine sexuality and sensuality or you are a recovering perfectionist who is ready for softness and truly embodied self love – this is for you!

Above is all you need to know about the individual coaching journeys. Find out here what this can mean and look like:

Each 1:1 coaching experience is tailor-made for you, carefully considering your unique life story and deepest desires.

With my background in clinical psychology and sex therapy and my love for tantra, I combine modern neuroscience with body work and spirituality. My coaching practice is trauma informed and my intention is always to hold a safe, deep, loving and transformative space for my clients.

Check out this Blogpost to read more about what a 1:1 coaching session with me might look like.

My Group Programs & Workshops

There is currently a new group program in the making, so stay tuned on this page! The next course will be in German and most likely take place towards fall 2021 around female sexuality. I am creating something truly magical and down to earth for any woman who has always had the desire and calling to dive deeper into the mysteries of her femininity.

Previous Group Programs

Yoni Love Immersion (German): 6 week sexuality course for women
Daring Woman Mastermind (German): exclusive 6 month deep dive
Pussy is God: 8 week sexuality course for women

Previous Workshops & Events

Sisterhood (in-person, Osnabrück, Germany)
Yoni Love Initiation (online)
Emotional Fluidity (in-person, Osnabrück, Germany)
Emotional Fluidity (in-person, New York City, USA)
The Art of Not Having Your Shit Together (online)
Pussy Sanctuary Retreat (online)

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Deep Dive Transformation Session

This is perfect if you know exactly what you want to work on & desire that one particular break-through. We will dive right into a powerful & transformative 90 minute session full of embodied depth. No package, no commitment, huge transformation.

Learn more about it here:

You feel a calling to explore this work more deeply, but the above mentioned offers are not aligned for you at this time?

Get in touch with me and we can figure out a tailor-made package just for you!

“It’s incredible, I can’t even begin to describe what a huge effect the coaching with Juli has on my entire life. Now, a year after I have worked with her, I am still blown away by the transformation I feel within myself. I feel so at home in my body and my sexuality. I used to always put myself on a diet and never felt truly sexy or feminine, now I love my body and am the queen of pleasure. I’m giggling away speaking to my girlfriends about all the amazing sexual experiences I have nowadays.

I am attracting different kind of partners into my life now – people who truly honor me in my desires, ask what I want, without me even having to bring it up. I have a whole new vibration and that attracts the perfect people into my life.”

Friederike M., Horse Riding instructor

Free Feminine Embodiment Retreat Bundle

Get a little tase of the power of this work. This is my free gift for you as a little introduction! If you’ve missed my latest workshop “the Pussy Sanctuary” here you will find all the practices easily accessible as separate audio files.

What you will receive:

womb remembrance breathwork
luscious breast massage
pussy nourishment meditation
pussy yoga class

Dive deep into your sensual feminine essence and remember who you really are.

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