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Therapeutical Coaching for Women

From “never enough” to “more than enough”

Trauma-informed, vision-based therapeutical Coaching
for embodied self-love and sensual reclamation

Feminine Embodiment

My unique therapeutic coaching approach takes you deep. We uncover what stories and narratives are going on behind the scenes (aka in your subconscious) that are currently influencing your behavior and life experience. Many (unhealthy) patterns around our relationships and the way we treat ourselves stem from deep-seated conditioning and past experiences. Together we will illuminate what these stories are and write a new, empowering story. You’ll gain a deep understanding of the why and clarity on how to create sustainable, long-term change in your life.

What sets my coaching apart from regular therapy is that just talking about situations is not the main way of integrating and processing, but rather embodying – going through your feelings, emotions, sensations and engaging the wisdom of your body. I will gently guide you to experience many new and unknown aspects of yourself and learn to read your body – with so much compassion and love – that this alone is a huge game changer.

We embark on a journey to a deep sense of worthiness within, this humming vibration in your heart telling you that you are already enough. It is a journey to your core, a journey that challenges all the hardness, all the control, all the constraints, all the walls and expectations that we have layered over our deepest truth that we are love.

Sustainable change of behavior emerges out of this deep understanding.


In this distinctive type of therapeutic coaching I combine clinical psychology, methods of behavioral therapy, trauma therapeutic measures, embodiment coaching, sex therapy and the wisdom from classical tantra and neo-tantric teachings in a unique methodology called Feminine Embodiment.

The 3 part brain & holistic integration

Many therapy, coaching and healing modalities focus primarily on the rational mind, mental analysis and reflection of behavior. In my work, I acknowledge that holistic healing can only happen through holistic integration – which means involvement of the entire body mind system. Our brain consists of the neo-cortex (mind, analyzing, reflecting), limbic system (emotions, quick reactions) and brain stem (survival, instincts). The latter two are closely related to our subconscious and need to be addressed in order to rewrite deep-seated beliefs, as well as integrate trauma in a sustainable way. A large part of my work is to bring these parts of the subconscious into awareness and thereby facilitate long-term change.


Embodiment allows us to understand our patterns on a deeper level than mere mental understanding. Instead of talking about feelings, here we feel, release, sound and experience. A new layer reveals itself and allows our subconscious to communicate and show itself. The mystery of “why do I keep getting into the same situation” turns into a deep understanding through embodying that feeling. We look at recurring feelings such as “lump in the throat, tightness in the stomach, heaviness in the chest, tinnitus, PMS” etc. and get to the bottom of these patterns through sensitive, clear guidance and pointed questions. Probably the most remarkable thing about embodiment work is the incredible release that comes from fully experiencing & expressing your emotions and feelings.

Mindset & rewriting your reality

Mindset is about radical self-responsibility. We look closely at what stories and narratives we tell ourselves “as absolute truth” and write a new empowering story. Coupled with the Embodiment approach, this is one of the most powerful manifestation tools. Only when we admit to ourselves and see clearly what our previous truth was, is it possible to change it. You have the power to make a new decision at any time. Are you using this power? Learn to (re)decide and choose exactly what you really want.

Sexuality & Femininity

A woman who owns her sexuality, owns her power. Sexual energy is directly connected to life force energy and the more connected a woman is to it, the more confident she is in life, the more she expresses herself and knows what she wants. Sexuality is our deepest core and due to centuries of repression it tends to be covered with layers of shame and guilt that often make an innocent expression of it impossible. This work is not about attaining a certain kind of sexuality, but about exploring and living your authentic expression. It is about releasing collective & personal sexual trauma of the feminine and finding your very own way of living your feminine sexual essence.

Vision-based (instead of problem-oriented)

As long as our only focus is on the problem and what we don’t want, there is no possibility of improvement. Simply put, we have no vision of what we do want (only what we don’t want) and as the saying goes “you grow what you practice”, it usually only increases the problem. Therefore, we start our coaching journey together with a clear, sparkling vision of your best possible reality and take a vision-oriented look at the resistances and obstacles, but also at your undiscovered (or forgotten) resources and strengths on your way to this new reality.

Felt Sense & Body Connection

One of the main concepts on which this work is based is the Felt Sense – the physical sensations that arise from moment to moment. According to recent findings, the best measure of therapeutic effectiveness (regardless of the method) is how connected people are to their Felt Sense, i.e., how easy it is for them to perceive physical sensations. Often, a large part of healing is allowing & teaching oneself to feel again and to experience and express what was previously suppressed. This brings increased confidence, deeper connection to one’s intuition, the ability to better perceive and communicate one’s boundaries, and an overall more liberated physical, vocal, sexual and emotional expression.

Each 1:1 coaching is tailor-made for you and carefully considers your unique life story and deepest desires.

With my background in clinical psychology and sex therapy and a love of Tantra, I combine modern neuroscience with bodywork and spirituality. My coaching practice is trauma-informed and my intention is always to hold a safe, deep, loving and transformative space for my clients.

CHeck out This Blogpost to get a sense of what a 1:1 session with me could look like.

Embodied self love & sensual reclamation

  • For the perfectionist who is ready to let go of her inner hardness and choose gentleness and joy instead.
  • For the woman with commitment or abandonment wounds, who longs for a deep and fulfilling partnership.
  • For the woman who desires to surrender and feel safe in letting go of control.
  • For the mother, therapist, sister, aunt who is always there for everyone else but never takes time for herself.
  • For the woman who desires to know herself deeply, truly understand her patterns and transform her old subconscious beliefs into new empowering truths.
  • For the woman who has worked on herself so much but keeps going in circles.
  • For the woman who is brand new to this field and wants to learn to trust her inner voice.
  • For the woman who desires grounded confidence & a clear voice in the world to speak her truth.
  • For the woman who has this deep inner knowing that there is so much more to discover in her femininity and sexuality and who wants to experience it.
  • For the woman who desires orgasms.
  • For the woman who desires true love.
  • For the woman who desires confidence.
  • For the woman who finally wants to be her authentic self.

Since my coaching sessions with Juli, my relationship life has changed completely for the better. Before I was constantly desperate and totally stuck in co-dependency, while in my current relationship I can really stand for myself and my needs, my truth. I’m no longer trying to be someone I’m not, just to please. Through Juli’s coaching I finally manage to stand up for myself and appreciate my own value more! 

Julia G. – Aerial Yoga Lehrerin, Paragliding Guide

All the goodness

  1. Vision & Intention: We set a clearly formulated, vision-oriented intention for our coaching journey together. This sets the tone for the following sessions and helps to create an individual road map for you to achieve your goals in the best possible and most effective way.
  2. Deep Dive Processes: Within a 90 minute coaching session we go through 3 parts: Arrival & Celebrations, Deep Dive Process and Embodiment Integration. In these Deep Dive processes, topics such as Family Dynamics, Inner Child, Worthiness and Self Love, Voice Liberation & Speaking Your Truth, Emotional Fluidity, Confidence & Trust, Relationship Transformation, Yoni Gazing, Trauma Healing, Orgasmic Opening, Sensual Femininity and many more can be addressed.
  3. Embodiment Integration: Each session is generally rounded off with an embodiment practice that allows for a deeper integration of what was previously experienced. This can be Breathwork, Energywork, Pleasure practices or other forms of embodiment. These exercises will be sent to you as an audio file.
  4. Sustainable transformation: Sustainable change is enabled through so-called home practices, i.e. audio embodiment practices and journaling tasks, which accompany you throughout the entire time of our coaching to achieve long-term transformation and to anchor new truths & behaviors in all areas of your brain, body and subconscious.
  5. Duration: The ideal time-frame for this coaching is 6 months. This allows us to go to the core and anchor the transformation on a mental and physical level.
  6. Rhythm: There are two options:
    4 sessions/month: Weekly coaching sessions alternating between 90 minutes and 30 minute sessions the following week. Half-hour coaching sessions serve as a practice session or deepening and can help you implement the coaching insights into your daily life.
    2 sessions/month: 90 minute coaching sessions every two weeks.
  7. Support: Throughout the entire duration of our coaching I am constantly by your side, supporting you. You will not only receive detailed notes of each coaching session, but also 30 min. email support per 90 min. session with accountability help for practices.

How can Feminine Embodiment Coaching serve you?

Check out what my previous clients have to say about their coaching journey with me.

Julia G. – Aerial Yoga Instructor & Paragliding Guide

What I especially liked about Juli’s way of coaching is her incredibly empathetic way and that she always knows exactly what you need right now to explore the situation further, to gain insights to solve the issue. She allows to spontaneously explore what is coming up at the time of the coaching. She uses various techniques from breathwork, meditation, embodiment etc. And all of this in such a loving and safe way. For example, I was never aware that I totally reject my inner masculine and through Juli’s coaching I have been able to accept and integrate it.

 What sets Juli’s coaching apart from others and why I recommend it is that you feel safe and in good hands. She creates an incredibly safe framework that allows you to look at your biggest fears and darkest feelings without being overwhelmed by them. There is something very protective and caring about her presence and energy during coaching that allows me to drop my mask and just say and feel what is really true now without having to live up to any expectations. Sessions with Juli are simply REAL! They go deep and don’t just scratch the surface like some other coaching sessions I’ve tried. Juli definitely knows her sh**t! Much love!” 

Lidia S. – Emotions-Midwife, Logo-Therapist & Holistic Practitioner for Psychotherapy

Since I only let myself be accompanied by selected coaches, I was correspondingly cautious about coaching with Juli. As it turned out, completely unfounded. 

Juli’s charisma and aura immediately made me feel at ease. I relaxed more and more in her presence, which is benevolent, open and empathic. Since I work a lot with the inner child and have dialogues with the inner children with my clients, I was appropriately trained on this topic in the accompaniment with Juli. We dove deep into it and I was allowed to look at my own blind spots to my inner child. Many tears of healing and cleansing were flowing, as it was all about vision work, to accept my inner little girl. 1.5 hours of deep healing, transformational coaching and work. Juli took notes during the coaching and as I experienced loving healing in my processes, she put it all in writing. I was sent the script afterwards, which also touched me deeply in retrospect. A script of remembrance and empowerment all in one. Juli has been completely present despite taking notes to hold the space for my processes. The quality of holding space in this intensity is for me a great mark of quality and a sign that one’s own life force is lived consciously. With it also the own sexual power. Because life force and sexual force are one and the same for me. It felt like a protected sisterly sacred space in which we moved in the coaching. I felt at all times that everything was allowed to be and Juli always met me with unconditional empathy to everything I expressed. The authenticity of Juli’s guidance deserves my utmost respect as a colleague as well, and so I hereby heartily recommend Juli’s guidance to others. Many heartfelt thanks for this soul-family-felt coaching to accompany one of my life themes, the connection between primordial femininity and primordial masculinity in the mission, vision & co-creation.

Your investment

For the agreed period, we meet weekly (or bi-weekly, depending on the chosen option) via Zoom. The ideal time frame for this coaching is 6 months. After each session you will receive detailed notes of the session, a home practice (mostly supported by an audio file) and personal email support. The sessions follow a golden thread and I usually have a topic prepared, however it is always possible to spontaneously change course and address current issues. This time is for you!

4 sessions per month (2 x 90 min. 2 x 30 min.) : 750 €/ month
If you commit upfront to the complete 6 month program, you will get 26 instead of 24 sessions for 4500 € (instead of 5200 €).

2 sessions per month (2 x 90 min.) : 575 €/ month

You can pay the amount upfront or in monthly installments (in advance at the end of each month).

Sounds intriguing?

Book your free consultation call with me to connect & dive into your deepest desires!

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