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Soul Remembrance

Surrender into your wholeness

Let’s get real – I am a recovering perfectionist. Someone who always had her (excuse my language) shit together. I was the good girl, the giving partner, always there for everyone, great in my job… you name it. I had it all, I followed the script. I did what I thought I had to do to be a vital member of society, to be what everyone expected of me, to be who I thought I should be.

Turns out, this wasn’t actually the road to fulfillment & happy ever after. It was the road to exhaustion, the road to a potential burn out, the road to numbing my emotions, the road to a dull relationship with my partner, the road to surviving – not thriving.

Yet I always knew that life has so much more in store for me. It has so much more to offer. There must be more to it than what I was taught. And so I embarked on a journey to set myself free.

From Surviving to Thriving
From Exhaustion to Pleasure
From Depletion to Overflow

On this journey you will uncover deep seated limiting beliefs and rewrite a new empowering story about what it means to be a woman in your very own way. You receive tools and initiations into living from a place of true self love and learn what it actually means to feel so whole and enough in everything you do and are – away from mainstream culture of exhausting yourself for ever more approval, you will embrace your feminine qualities of softness, flow and surrender from a place of power.

This will not only open you up to your own greatest potential but also to a deeper connection with yourself and an embodied way of self love. Whether you feel completely disconnected and numb or you simply know it in your heart that there’s gotta be more to this mystery of your feminine self – this is for you! Together we will uniquely tailor your personal path of surrendering into your wholeness & reclaiming your authentic shining essence.

The other exciting part?

Once you heal your relationship with yourself, once you learn how to be truly loving and compassionate with yourself this will automatically affect your relationships and bring them to a new level. If you know yourself to be quite emotional out of seeming nowhere, triggered by some small thing (whilst you’re otherwise really good at managing yourself) – this is truly going to change the way you hold yourself and allow true intimacy into your life. Our patterns run deep – uncovering them and rewriting them will create a ripple effect to transform your whole life.

Worthiness & Deservingness
From Inner Critic to Inner Lover
Voice Activation
Inner Child & De-Conditioning
Family Dynamics
Emotional Fluidity
Gentle Trauma Healing
Shame Detox
Surrender & Embodied Feminine Pleasures
Relationship Transformation
Bringing my New Self into the World


Manifestation: How to speak with the Universe
Changing deep seated conditioning into new empowering truths
Affirmations & Journaling


Self Love, Pleasure & Massage Practices
Rituals & Initiations
Energy Practices
Emotional Release Tools

This soulful 1:1 coaching program is designed as a journey of softening, of coming home to yourself, filling your own cup first and nourishing yourself. It’s about uncovering your true essence and living from a place of embodied self love.

“What sets Juli’s coaching apart is the way in which she incorporates your body’s own wisdom. I have experienced transformation and even ancestral healing just by truly listening to my body & moving through it in an embodied way. Therapy never took me that deep. Juli has a way of helping you to access what’s already in you. I feel integrated and whole and have never felt so much compassion for myself – because now I actually understand where my patterns are coming from. The thing is – all my bodily symptoms always made sense. I could just never read them. I’m starting to understand what self love truly means.”

– Christine L., social worker

What our journey together looks like

My unique psychology based coaching approach takes you deep. We uncover what stories and narratives are running behind the scenes (aka in your unconscious) that are currently influencing your behavior and life experience. A lot of (unhealthy) patterns around our relationships and the way we treat ourselves stem from deep-seated conditioning and past experiences. Together we shed light on what those narratives are and rewrite your new empowering story. You will gain a deeper understanding of the why and clarity around how to actively change your life around.

What sets my coaching apart from regular therapy is that mere talking about situations is not the main way of integrating and processing, it is by embodying, by going through your feelings, emotions, sensations and taking into account the wisdom of your body. I will gently guide you into being so intimate, learning how to read your body, with so much compassion and love that this alone is a huge game changer.

We then embark on a journey to feel that deep sense of worthiness within, that humming vibration coming from your heart telling you that you are already enough. It is a journey to your core, a journey to challenge all the hardness, all the control, all the constraints and expectations that we have layered up on our deepest truth that we are love.

Each 90 min. session consists of an in-depth coaching process and an accompanying embodiment practice to create lasting transformation in your entire body mind system. Our 30 min. calls are either to deepen the practices, celebrate your successes or answer questions that came up over the week.

„I just saw myself in the mirror accidentally. It felt like really seeing myself for the first time.“

shared during a one day retreat by a woman who did her first feminine embodiment practice ever

You want more details what this includes?

Under individual coaching you will find all the yummy details you need: methodology, duration, what you will get, investment etc.

Sensual Reclamation

Learn more about this intimate journey to reclaim your feminine sexual essence.

Powerful 1:1 Transformation Session

This offering is designed as a powerful one off session. Through the combination of psychological counseling, somatic embodiment work and a hint of magic we go straight to the core in a deeply transformational process.

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