Deep Dive Transformation

Your personalized deep dive

Choose your focus!

This in-depth 90 minute session is here to serve you. Whatever your topic, we dive right in with a laser-focus. The session consists of an in-depth process with elements of Gestalt Therapy, Positive Psychology and Tantra and will be integrated through an individualized embodiment practice.

Break through old patterns & set yourself free!

Inspirations for your deep dive session

Change relationship patterns – feel into the true cause of your abandonment or attachment wounds – through a deeply healing inner child process that helps you to truly integrate this wounding and emerge feeling empowered and softened.

Emotional fluidity – what emotion keeps coming in your way? Anger, Sadness, Frustration, the absence of Pleasure, Turn-On or Joy? Learn how to integrate this specific feeling through a deeply embodied (and potentially orgasmic) approach.

Yoni Love – Fall deeply in love with your own feminine portal through the powerful work of a yoni gazing ritual or by deeply investigating your current narratives around sexuality and writing a new empowering story.

Feminine Embodiment – Explore your sensual, soft and feminine side by shedding light on your inner perfectionist and finding authentic softness & embodied love for yourself.

Relationship Transformation – You need clarity for your relationship? This process will shed light on what’s truly going on and help you find actionable steps to move on.

Healing the mother or father wound – In this session we explore deeply the hurts and frustrations around your parent that still deeply impact the way you feel about yourself today. Purge & transform in a safe space and get in touch with your own inner masculinity or femininity.

These are just a few of the many possibilities. If you have a question, please feel free to contact me!

Book Your Session

Your Investment: 300 €
This includes and in-depth process, embodiment integration, written notes of the entire session, a personalized practice as well as e-mail after care support.

There is a 15% discount of the single session price for my 6 month packages that come with weekly sessions (alternating 90 and 30 min. calls). This is for you if you want to commit more deeply to your transformation and desire even more than a one time breakthrough but instead a steady longterm change of your subconscious patterns.

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