Hello gorgeous, I’m Juli Kalyani!

I am a Clinical Psychologist (M.Sc.), Sex Therapist, certified VITA Sex, Love and Relationship Coach™, Yoga Teacher & Tantrika at heart . I combine bodywork, psychology, neuroscience, spirituality and sexuality in a beautiful way that I call Feminine Embodiment. If there is anything I have mastered, it is the ways of the Feminine. This is what I dedicate my work to and how I guide women back into feeling truly at home in their feminine bodies, their sexuality and their centered radiant confidence.

Everything I teach and guide women into is something I have discovered, experienced & integrated for myself, in my own body. My super power is bringing women back in touch with their feminine essence in a society that values the masculine approach of achieving, striving and doing and has largely forgotten about the wisdom to be gained through feeling, intuition and softness. My mission is to come into harmony and create balance of the integrated and healthy masculine and feminine principles within.

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