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Hello gorgeous, I’m Juli!

Clinical Psychologist (M.Sc.), Sex Therapist, certified VITA Sex, Love & Relationship Coach, Yoga Teacher & Tantrika at heart.

I combine bodywork, psychology, neuroscience, spirituality and sexuality in a beautiful way called Feminine Embodiment. If there is anything I have mastered, it is the Ways of the Feminine. This is what I dedicate my work to and how I guide women back into feeling truly at home in their feminine bodies, their sexuality and reclaiming their centered radiant confidence. 

“Your intuition is your soul communicating with you.”

Embodied Experience

My own path of self reclamation, finding my voice, honoring and speaking my truth has been largely fueled by my sexual and spiritual awakening. I have gone and continue to go deep into my own psyche and all those little conditionings and limiting beliefs that continue to bubble up on this way of shedding more and more layers. This is what this path is really about for me – going deeper, unfolding another layer, closer to truth, to my authentic self. It is about taking an honest look at yourself, being willing to see what kind of beliefs are creating your current reality – and holding them in so much softness, compassion and love. My work is infused with this quality of gentleness, which is highly underrated in a world that values chastising yourself, being even harder, performing even better, doing even more. By fully embracing my femininity I got back in touch with my intuition, the soft golden thread that always guides the way.

Growing up as a rather introverted, shy girl I was too scared to speak up and too ashamed to be a sexy, radiant woman. Sexual fulfillment seemed far out of my reach so I stayed within the safety of the known. Little did I know that true magic happens once you open yourself up to the unknown.

Since then I dove deep into my femininity, my sexuality, my psyche. Instead of numbing myself or ignoring what is going on, I am embracing all parts of myself, learning & embodying the true meaning of self love. I have found and created many tools that accompany me and my work: from tantrik breathworks to embody the wild, to sensual self love practices to melt into softness.

“A woman who owns her sexuality, owns her power.”


Bachelors in Business Psychology

Masters in Clinical Psychology

Sex Therapist

Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie

Sivananda Yoga Teacher

VITA Sex, Love & Relationship Coach

It’s incredible, I can’t even begin to describe what a huge effect the coaching with Juli has on my entire life. Now, a year after I have worked with her, I am still blown away by the transformation I feel within myself. I feel so at home in my body and my sexuality. I used to always put myself on a diet and never felt truly sexy or feminine, now I love my body and am the queen of pleasure. I’m giggling away speaking to my girlfriends about all the amazing sexual experiences I have nowadays.

I am attracting different kind of partners into my life now – people who truly honor me in my desires, ask what I want, without me even having to bring it up. I have a whole new vibration and that attracts the perfect people into my life.

Friederike M.

My Story

My story is the story of a very average young woman from Germany. I grew up in rural Germany, on a farm. My life went as it was supposed to: I succeeded at university, had a loving boyfriend, my home & family life were stable and secure. There was nothing that I should have been complaining about. Yet, I didn’t feel happy. I always felt like there was more to life, more to love, more to who I am.

I went on a long soul search that – to this day – keeps on showing me how the Universe truly works, how I create my reality. And in the end – how my own unconscious belief that „I am never good enough“ played out in my life, especially in my relationships.

I started off with doing yoga, going to an Ashram in India and leaving my boyfriend of 8 years. It was heartbreaking but well needed. I felt like I was onto something as soon as the spiritual realm opened up to me. With a new adventurous partner I fulfilled my deep subconscious desire to be different, to rebel against the norm, to have intensity in my life. This brought up power play and deeper relationship patterns I had been unaware of to that day. I kept repeating the same old patterns, putting myself in victim role which left both of us feeling frustrated and hurt. 

During that time I also studied clinical psychology, went back to India and eventually came across Tantra (or back then rather Neo-Tantra). I was so fascinated and enchanted by the possibility of transcendental sex and divine love that I even wrote my Master Thesis around the topic of Tantra and its effectiveness as a means of sex therapy (spoiler alert: it’s super effective).  Amongst a spiritual and sexual awakening, it also brought more intensity and chaos into my life. It still was a fantastic time and really fulfilled my craving to break out of societal expectations and to stop „following the script“. 

Yet when I came to a rest, even with my increased connection to my femininity, my increased connection to my emotions, my increased connection to the Universe, my increased connection to my sexual energy – there were still moments when I felt that same feeling from years ago: simply not happy, a restlessness in my soul. The never ending search for more.

This led me to hone in on my psychological and therapeutic skills. At that time I was working as a Psychologist in a Rehabilitation Clinic for people with addictions in Germany. I simultaneously studied Sex Therapy and later on I studied with Layla Martin in the most comprehensive and modern sexuality & relationship coaching certification there is. I dove deeply into my own subconscious belief patterns, combining psychological work with modern neuroscience and tantric embodiment into my own methodology of coaching, what I now call Feminine Embodiment

This turned out to be my actual breakthrough to find deep seated acceptance and love for myself. Not only did it help me to let go of a co-dependent relationship, but it also enabled me to recover from that sense of „never enough ness“ into having truly arrived within myself wherever I am at. 

Today I feel grounded and happy. I am in a deeply loving, spiritually fulfilling, harmonious yet passionate and playful relationship. It’s an ongoing process in which I keep shedding layers and keep learning about myself. Of course I still have my ups and downs. Yet the way I hold myself, the way I truly care for myself and my beautiful partner, has changed tremendously. I learned what it actually means to love myself. Not the airy fairy kind of self-love, but the deep seated acceptance of who I am in all my colors. It would be an honor to guide you through your unique journey into your very own feeling of having arrived within yourself.

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