Are you addicted to drama?

Do you need to create drama, emtional upheaval, 
A “situation”?

I do that.

To test. To see if he actually listens. To get his attention. 

To be loved. To feel that he really cares.

It’s not a conscious choice. Don’t get me wrong.

It’s a subconscious pattern playing out to get all these hidden desires met. 

And sometimes it works.

In fact it worked so many times that this then had become an automated pattern.

Is it healthy?

Not really.

Sometimes less is more.
Sometimes working through something that has been worked through a bazillion times isn’t actually the road to success.

So can you take that step back
Check in with yourself
And feel

What is my actual desire?

It may sound strange. 
But you can ask to just get a hug, 
to be reassured that everything is alright, 
that you are indeed loved, 
that you are seen,
that they care.

I’d love to hear how this plays out for you, can you relate to this pattern?

So much love

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