You’re never gonna be “just happy”

And I mean that in „only happy and nothing else“

no exhaustion, no anger, no frustration, no sadness

It’s simply not the reality of life

You’re here to live this human experience

I see this a lot in successful women

They fought their way to getting everything they desired

By being hard

By being perfect for everyone else

Here’s an example – I talked to a client yesterday,

she got everything she ever wanted: the perfect job, a partner she loves, a new amazing apartment

And now she feels depleted and cannot enjoy any of it

Suddenly this emptiness creeps in

As long as you reject this softness in you, this vulnerability, this need to do nothing, to retreat,

to weep your soul out

That long you’re denying yourself your wholeness

You’re saying to one part of yourself: „you don’t belong, you’re not part of me, I despise you“

Let me repeat:

You’re saying this to yourself

Because this part

is a part of you

If you wish to feel full, whole

To have it all

To be happy AND allowed to feel everything at the same time

You gotta accept that part in you that is struggling

Cause that is all it ever wanted

To be seen

To be heard

To be accepted

Nothing more

Nothing less

You’re opening up the portal to wholeness

Maybe you’re scared that you wouldn’t be perfect anymore

Maybe you’re scared that you would be less lovable if you are suddenly „weak“, if you are not functioning „as expected of you“

Maybe you’re scared that everything would fall apart

Because you are trying so hard to hold it all together

to control

So get over it

Let go

Like actually, let go

and admit to yourself that it’s actually okay

You’re actually allowed to feel it all

And that doesn’t make you less of a person

It makes you more of a person

It makes you a f·cking person! 🤷‍♀️

Spiritual traditions sometimes suggest that the goal is to transcend it all

Yes sure you can follow that goal

But what is then the point of your human-ness?

You have a body to feel

You have your five senses to experience

all of it

The entire spectrum of your human experience


Still be OK

Still appreciate

It all

As part of you

Part of the whole

So whatever you feel

It’s actually fine!

You have all the permission!

You are still loved

You still belong

You are safe

How does this land in you, dear?

What parts of this can you recognize yourself in?

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