Pleasure as medicine

Yesterday I made a much needed decision. Next year as well as these last few days of the year are dedicated to pleasure, to enjoyment, to goodness.

That’s the crux: it’s a conscious choice that needs to be made. You can wait and wait and wait for it to happen.

But as long as we live in the paradigm that first I have to get the work done and then I can enjoy, that long we will most likely get stuck in constant struggle mode.

Do you know this feeling that even when you got everything done you had wanted to achieve for the day, there is still not this feeling of goodness, of pride, of „now I can relax“?

I for sure know this in myself. Even when I am getting EVERYTHING done, I feel like: Oh I could even get more done while I am already at it. And I exhaust myself again.

The other thing is that we live in the paradigm that ONLY, yes only if I have completed everything do I DESERVE to treat myself, do I deserve to enjoy, do I deserve to rest.

If our to-do lists are endless… then let’s face it, when does this time really come?

I gotta be honest here – I always hated reading about „pleasure as medicine“ and all these coaches preaching such things. 

Why was that?

Because I wasn’t actually ready to let go of the struggle.

I was so attached to it. It is so deeply ingrained in my brain that „If you want it to work (be it your job, your relationship, your household, whatever) it has to be hard“.

This is one of the biggest lies we tell ourselves that keeps us trapped in this constant „not enoughness“, „never enough“, „always do more“, „don’t rest“ etc.

When my partner approaches me and asks why I am so angry I get irritated and feel like: What? You don’t see it? Because I haven’t done X, Y and Z – and before this isn’t done – how can I feel good?

How, you ask?

It’s pretty simple.

By making the decision.

If you decide that you get to enjoy everything that you do, that you get to relax, that everything is working in perfect timing, that the more you enjoy, the easier it gets –

and if you repeat this to yourself,

if you tell your brain this new narrative,

something that is truly challenging

(but wouldn’t it serve you so well?)

– then, yes then, you get to live this!

So yes, I decide that it gets to be easy.

I decide that I get to enjoy everything I do and don’t do.

I decide that the more I relax, the easier it gets.

I decide that the more fun I have in my business the more money I make.

I decide that the more pleasure I feel in everything I do (even in feeling frustrated or whatever it may be), the more abundance I am calling it.

Life is easy.

Relationships are easy.

Pleasure is easy.

Love is easy.

Money is easy.

Rest is easy.

Bye bye, struggle.

Can you relate to this struggle mode? 

Are you ready to let go of it?

What are you letting go of and leaving behind in this year?

What are you calling in for your fabulous 2021?

Did you know the power of making decisions?

And then sticking with them no matter what?

Because this is the real trick – even when you feel like it isn’t working – you always come back to this decision. It is already done!

I wanna hear it all!! Comment below 🥰

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