What coaching looks like with me

Imagine you and I on a video call.

I invite you to close your eyes, relax, breathe, drop into your body.

We start the session feeling deeply connected to our bodies. Present.

I ask you to share your celebrations with me: What’s been lighting you up, what are you proud of, what have you achieved?

We giggle and I cheer you on while you share your successes with me.

I repeat the intention we set in our first session: „I am deeply connected to my inner power and feminine wisdom.“ Let it sink in. Does it still feel alive and aligned?

With a cheeky smile on your face you nod.

A quick tune in – what’s the focus for today?

Working on your inner child? We did that already, feels integrated. She is more at peace now, she knows her boundaries, she knows that even though as a girl she learned that she should never stop achieving and doing, she can actually now relax and play. A new reality is being written: your empowered goddess Gaia is now in charge.

You share with me how good it feels to connect with the goddess in you daily and feel this deep magic and power within you, that, before we did the session, you never even knew was there. It explains why going into the forest is so essential to you and recharges you. You feel more relaxed and centered in yourself. More adult, more you.

You loved the breast massage that I gave you as a homework. It makes me feel so delicious and feminine and I really feel my heart opening up more.

What should we focus on instead? You share with me that you feel frustrated about this anger that keeps shooting up out of nowhere.

Great, I say, let’s do a process on emotions today.

Set up some pillows and let’s go into processing. I ask you to feel into your body where you feel this emotion. What it feels like. And to project whatever you see on the pillow in front of you.

We go into an aspecting process where you get to embody the anger.

Wow, that felt so liberating, you share with me after the process.

I never knew this anger was kept underneath all these layers and actually is so connected to my power. It felt so good to give it a voice, to feel it. I didn’t even know that was possible.

It even felt connected to my family and my ancestors. All the women before me who were never allowed to do what they want, who just kept quiet and did what was expected of them. It explains why there was so much sadness coming up in the end.

You feel exhausted yet somewhat something opened.

I reflect to you that even though you were so scared that you couldn’t feel this emotion now or embody her, you did such an amazing job. You smile shyly at me.

I explain that the feeling of this anger and sadness coming up, mixed with the intuition that it is related to your ancestors, makes a lot of sense. And we sometimes forget how much we are actually holding in our bodies. You nod and agree that you had no idea how important it is not only to understand it, but to ACTUALLY FEEL it. You share, that you still feel a heaviness inside connected to this.

To integrate the experience I guide you into an embodied breathwork to liberate this even more.

It’s wilder than you thought. You never felt this anger so alive in you. And when I guided you to mix this anger with pleasure it took you by surprise that you suddenly felt soooo turned on. Like – where did that come from?

We laugh and I say – I knoooow right? The thing is – passion and anger are close together, when you never allow yourself to feel your anger fully, it is also waaaay harder to access your passion and sexual fire.

That makes so much sense, you say. Wow, I feel so liberated.

The best part was when you guided me to circulate all this liberated energy through my body. It actually felt orgasmic. But in a very different way than I am used to.

And this is where energy orgasms come into play. Fantastic, how it’s all deeply connected with each other right?

Yeah… my body is truly magical, you say with a dreamy & soft gaze in your eyes.

We end the session with accountability for the practices, a reflection of your insights and sharing of your aha moments and gratitude and tie it back in with your goal.

It feels like I am already connected to this power within me. I just never knew how to access it, you say with a sparkle in your eyes.

We both feel happy and a bit tired.

Talk next week! And keep me posted about your wins and celebrations. You bet I will, you say.

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